Monday, May 15, 2006

Itching to Knit LACE !!!

I have been working on Lacy but I think that she resents the fact that I had bought her yarn and kept her in a closet at least 4 years before starting. I am on row 94 of the back but the going has been slow and I have had to tink a bit. In fact, Saturday I had to take out about 10 rows. Frustrated, I decided I would pull out the lace projects and start the Amazing Lace projects.

My fingers are just itching to knit lace.

Knowing I had some quite time on Sunday afternoon and might finally be able to figure out how to graft, it was time for me to get the team together. It is training time!!!

I looked for the Twins. Where could the two halves of the Print 'O Waves shawl be? I looked here.

Oh, yeah, I picked up the table so we had a surface to eat dinner on Mother's Day. So where did Lacy hide them?

I checked in the craft closet - not an easy task as you can imagine. Where could that vindictive Lacy have hid them?We are not reponsible for for them not being allowed on the team, she just meet the criteria. She is too thick, too solid!!

Still no success. Well, certainly there is something else lace related I can do. I just can't give in to her!! Our team must practice.

The itch, the itch!!!

It must be scratched.

OK, something else lace related. Let's see what I can find.
  1. Friday, the Heirloom Knitting book came. So there was lace reading.
  2. Saturday a new lace pattern came in the mail. But still no yarn!!! Where is the Jaggerspun Zephr?
  3. Monday, there is a package waiting for me. Could it be, please let it be..... Nope, it is the yarn for the baby sweater I promised a co-worker --- last February.
When I put the baby yarn in my Lantern Moon basket, guess what I found, yes the TWINS!!! The two pieces of the Print 'O the Wave shawl were in the bottom of the basket. OK diabolical Lacy, you are foiled!!! DH is at a meeting tonight, supper has been served, children are busy with homework.

Please meet my team mates. I hold in my hands the Print "O the Waves twins, soon to become ONE.

It is just me and LACE!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH............
I had forgotten the splendor of the lace, the feel, the smell of the silk and Seacell, the drape, the just absolute yumminess. The first leg of the relay is backed by HandMaiden Silk yarn with a blend of 70% silk and 30% Seacell (seaweed) in the Straw colorway. I shared my infactuation with this yarn in an earlier post.

The PRACTICE begins!!
We will begin the first leg of the relay. Despite the incredible odds, we have overcome the medling of Lacy, surely we can make it to the finish.

GRAFT, now what does that mean??? Speak to me oh twins, how do you become one????????? What do you mean the picture shows the wrong ends?? Oh, well, sure I knew you graft the live stitches on the needle, not the invisible cast-on edge. This is practice, right.......


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